Collection: Decorative Wood Crosses

Welcome to our exquisite collection of hand-painted wood crosses, where artistry meets spirituality. Each cross is meticulously crafted using an acrylic flow painting technique, resulting in vibrant and mesmerizing designs that capture the essence of faith and beauty.

Our crosses are not just ordinary décor pieces – they're timeless works of art. Each one is lovingly covered in resin, adding both durability and a radiant shine that illuminates any space. Whether you choose a cross to hang on your wall or one to grace your shelf, it's sure to become a cherished focal point in your home.

Perfect for collectors or anyone seeking a meaningful gift, our wood crosses are a testament to craftsmanship and devotion. Each piece is infused with the care and passion of our artisans, making it a truly special addition to any collection or home décor.

Browse our collection today and discover the perfect cross to inspire and uplift your soul.

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  • Acrylic Flow Painted Wood Cross Unique Wall Décor in Teal Magenta and Burnt Orange
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