Lindy Perez, the powerhouse behind Sassy Since Birth, isn't just a creative dynamo; she's also a DIY guru, as seen on Kens 5 Great Day SA, where she dazzles as their resident expert. From quirky boutique-style pop-ups across Central Texas to the vibrant community of makers, Lindy's journey is a whirlwind of creativity and connection. She's all about spreading the love for handmade art and empowering others through her sassy sayings and quotes. Lindy's not just creating art; she's igniting sparks of entrepreneurship and helping people tap into their inner creativity. With Lindy leading the charge, the world is a sassier, more empowered place!


The best thing about creating Sassy Since Birth is the opportunity to share what I do with others. If you have an opportunity that seems like the right fit for my business please reach out!


Kens5 Made In SA (February 2020)

Great Day SA (November 2018)  

Great Day SA (February 2019) 

Great Day SA (February 2020)