About Us

Sassy Since Birth, the ultimate hub for all things artsy, kicks off its creative journey led by none other than the fabulous Lindy Perez, our resident artist and designer extraordinaire. Armed with a flair for the sassy and the chic, Lindy dreams up themes and messages that'll make your heart sing while crafting hand-lettered goodies, digital masterpieces, and abstract wonders that'll jazz up any space. Once the magic's made, we sprinkle a little extra sparkle during the editing phase before printing or producing our creations onto the grooviest mediums around. With packaging so cute it'll make your day, we send our babies off into the world, spreading sass and joy wherever they go. Catch us strutting our stuff online, at craft fairs, and art exhibitions, because we're all about sharing the love! And hey, with Lindy at the helm, we're always tweaking and improving, because why settle for anything less than fabulous?

Lindy Perez, the mastermind behind Sassy Since Birth, is not just the owner but also the creative genius shaping every sassy creation that comes to life. With Lindy at the helm, sass levels are off the charts, and every design is infused with her signature style and flair. From hand-lettered gems to digital wonders, Lindy's artistry knows no bounds. She's not just making art; she's making waves and spreading sass one masterpiece at a time.